*Prices include helium 

Gender Reveal Balloon: Giant black balloon with 12 choice colored tassels, custom lettering, inflated, and balloon weight. Ready to explode confetti and reveal the color of the gender: $90
24 tassels: $110

Gender Reveal Balloons

Our bouquets are priced by their size. The most popular bouquet is of (7) 11 inch balloons for $23.88 and go up based on type of balloons added. This size is great to pair with our giant tasseled balloons. We can create bouquets to match any theme, color scheme and budget. 

XL bouquet: 8 feet tall, one personalized giant, 2 large Mylar balloons, 2 orbz with tassels, one 16 inch confetti balloon, 5 11 inch balloons, 5 stars/hearts: $250


11inch latex balloons: $2.84 each 
16inch latex balloons: $6 each 
24inch latex balloon: $22 
Giant latex balloon: $30 
Balloon weights: $4 each


16 Inch metallic orbz with tassels: $29.50
Add custom lettering: $9.50

16 inch Foil

20 inch bubble balloon inflated, custom lettering, choice color tassels, confetti filled, ribbon, crystal balloon weight: $51

20 inch Bubble

3 ft balloon with 12 tassels: $57
3 ft balloon with 24 tassels: $75
Add custom lettering: +18.50 per balloon
Add logo: $25
Add confetti: +15.50 each 
Add metallic tinsel: (gold, silver, iridescent, red)
12 tassel: $3
24 tassel: $6

Giant Balloons

statement balloons

check out all the details

Balloon garlands are priced by their size. With approximate measurements we can provide you with a quote. Our standard thickness latex garlands start at $25 a foot and go up depending on type of balloons used (Mylar, confetti, double stuffed, large balloons), thickness and if a stand is used. 


Our balloons can be shipped throughout the US. Please know, when balloons are shipped, they are without helium and the custom lettering comes as a vinyl decal. Once the balloon is inflated by you, you will then apply the decal to the balloon as you would a sticker. We provide detailed instructions on how to inflate the balloon, attach the tassels and apply the decal. Shipping price depends on location. 

3ft balloon with 12 tassels: $37
3 ft balloon with 24 tassels: $67
Add custom lettering: +18.50 per balloon
Add logo: $25 


 Available by appointment only in South Tampa.
6103 Interbay Blvd 
Tampa Fl 33611 

Pick up from our location

Delivery fee for drop off is $35 within 5 miles of 33611 (10 miles round trip). Set up starts at $75
$1 per mile traveled (round trip) outside of 10 miles. 
Additional fees may apply for larger orders or orders requiring pickup/breakdown. 


delievery options

Hollow arch backdrop: $175
6ft wooden panel: $200 
7ft wooden panel: $275
8ft wooden panel: $300
Moon: $300
6x2 jungle greenery wall: $125

Wooden Backdrops

6X2: $150
8X4: $275
8x6: $425 
8X8: $550

Shimmer Backdrops


    We WILL be forever customers of yours. Really appreciate the service, patience and everything else you offered us to make it so seamless. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Laura T. 

      I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome balloons. They were a party hit and the colors and lettering were gorgeous. They made that room look so festive and my husband had a ball. We’re still enjoying them at home today. 

-Jennifer W. 

      Everything was beyond perfect. Thank you for making our day special, and the balloon was PERFECT. From the font, size, quality. Beyond impressed and can’t thank you enough.


       OMGGG!!! I JUST saw it, and it’s even better than I’d imagined. It’s perfect, Heather. You make all the difference between a room and a party.  

- Leila T.

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